Linda slimed in her office wear

Since I love formal office outfits I thought why not have one of my models wear one while getting slimed. Not only did Linda look absolutely gorgeous (at least for my taste) in her business suit, she also made the shoot a breathtaking experience, celebrating every second from slowly diving into the pink goo to being totally submerged and covered. She douses herself repeatedly with gallons of slime and even does some full head dunks in a bucket.

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Ines soaked in business casual

Ines returns for another wetlook shooting. This time she’s soaked in her casual business outfit she usually wears when teaching. Sadly it turned out that my brand new gopro was not working, so it’s photoset “only”. But the photoset is huge (362 shots) and shows Ines from dry to wet, under the shower, submerged, head dunking forward and backward!

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Inas first pie experience

We didn’t have to argue very long when I proposed the theme of my planned shoot to Ina. A few pies in the face? “Never done that, would love to try it out” … Not only did she love every minue of the shoot we had a blast preparing the amunition for what was her first ever wet or messy shooting. After we had watched some videos on the web, we decided to play the lighter game to add a little tension. She gets hit with 10 cream pies during the shoot. Enjoy the show!

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Karen goes for a swim

Another set featuring the beautiful brunette Karen. This is her first outdoor wetlook shoot for WAM Photography. And what a pleasure it was for both of us, me behind and Karen in front of the camera. She enjoyed every second of the shoot. Hopefully you will enjoy it too!

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Dominika is pied

Meet the beautiful brunette newcomer Dominika losing her pie virginity. It’s her first wet and messy shoot ever and boy did she have a blast! Lots of pies and washing off!

She wears a cocktail dress, nylons and heels throughout the shoot!

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Sandra in the lake

Gorgeous Sandra joined me for a photoshoot during the golden hour on a warm summer day. She wears a black cocktail dress when she decides to give it a try and takes a dip into the lake. It’s her first wetlook shoot but she soon gets the hang of it and soakes her beautiful outfit and styling completely by pouring the fresh water of the summer lake onto herself. And it wouldn’t be one of my sets if she wasn’t fully submerged as well :) Enjoy!

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Cathy gunged in custard

Another one of my early sets. The shoot took place in my old apartment where I took the opportunity to do a messy shoot, cause all my furniture was already moved out :)
Cathy wears a black shirt and gets splashed with custard several times by her boyfriend … he actually had a great time as an assistant during that photoshot!

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Linda slimed in her office wear Ines soaked in business casual Inas first pie experience Karen goes for a swim Dominika is pied Sandra in the lake Cathy gunged in custard

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