The soaked Dirndl

In this wonderful scene the gorgeous redhead Manu sports a traditional Austrian garment called the Dirndl. Many of you may have seen images or movies from events called Dirndlflugtag in Austria and Bavaria. So it’s kinda natural to test the wetlook usability of a Dirndl dress in this most recent shoot. And for my taste it turned out to be really usable 🙂

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The lady in red

Jasmin returns to WAM photography, this time for her first ever messy shooting. She’s the vamp in a red dress I ever dreamed of being able to deliver a sweet pie in the face. She takes it like a real lady and ends up completely covered in cream and slime.  The outfit is one of her favorites to go out at night, so I was exceptionally happy that she offered to wear it for that shoot! Hope you like this one as much as I did making it!

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Jenni takes a shower

Jenni makes another appearance on WAM photography with this beautiful wetlook photoshooting. Her expressions are as always priceless, when she slowly soaks her outfit under the shower. No wonder she published a whole book about posing and facial expressions as a gudeline for models.

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Nastia – a total mess

Newcomer Nastia is a breathtaking appearance. Her long mane is gorgeous and she sports a white dress for this shoot. Have you ever imagined the one gorgeous lady you see in her formal dinner dress and you’d love to see covered in goo? Than this is the perfect set for you, cause that’s exactly the thought I had once I saw her sitting in front of me …

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Dani is slimed and pied

Let me introduce South American beauty Dani! You can enjoy every second of her getting slightly more covered minute by minute. She also gets a pie slowly pushed into her face when she’s already fully covered in slime. At the end she’s washed off with several buckets of water.

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All about Karen

I had the pleasure to work with Karen on 6 different scenes for WAM photography. Not only is she a lovely person to work with but she’s a stunning beauty as well. No matter if it was a wetlook shoot or a messy scene, she allways literally dove into the water or whatever mess I had coming to her. Get this bundle and save more than US$ 30,- on all of her scenes!

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Jenni enters the pie business

Stunning blonde beauty Jenni looses her pie virginity in this shoot. She did not exactly know what to expect from a shoot with WAM Photography, however she didn’t mind the possibility to get messy a bit, so she quickly agreed to join the fun.

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The soaked Dirndl The lady in red Jenni takes a shower Nastia – a total mess Dani is slimed and pied All about Karen Jenni enters the pie business

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