Fiona in the lake

There’s something special about those evening shoots. Fiona wades into the lake in her jeans and white blouse. In the second part of the shoot she soaks a black dress. In the beginning she soaks her beautiful blonde hair by pouring a small bucket of water on her head repeatedly.

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Linda pretty in pink

Imagine a beautiful girl and a tub full of pink slime … wouldn’t you just want her to take a dip immediately :) Well Linda did us this favour and enjoys a bath in her dress and gloves. The set shows her slowly getting covered and submerged in slime.

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A formal exchange of pies

This has definitely been and will remain one of my all-time favorite shootings. Kiara and Karen are friends from school but haven’t met each other for years. The two made a perfect match (at least for me) with Kiara wearing a dark business outfit and Karen in her tight dress and stockings. Not only did they genuinely enjoy messing each other up, they even decorated all the pies that finally ended up in their face … but not only there. Cute models can’t get much messier than this I suppose.

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Fiona in the lake Linda pretty in pink A formal exchange of pies

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