DFT 2009 St. Wolfgang

What started with a small event more than 6 years ago developed into a brand-event of an Austrian clothing company. Over the last few years I happened to attend a few of those events and to take some shots. To cover my time and travel costs I decided to share my photographic footage here for everyone who is interested in one of the younger middle-european traditions 🙂

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Jenni enters the pie business

Stunning blonde beauty Jenni looses her pie virginity in this shoot. She did not exactly know what to expect from a shoot with WAM Photography, however she didn’t mind the possibility to get messy a bit, so she quickly agreed to join the fun.

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Linda is pied in Jeans and Leather

It’s Linda again! And this time – by popular request – she is on the receiving end of a ton of mess in a casual outfit. She wears tight jeans, a black leather jacket sneakers and an orange sweater. Linda really loved the soft texture of the pies we used this time.

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Luna takes a dip in the pool

Our friends from Brasil continue to produce wonderful wetlook videos. This time meet Luna. The long haired beauty goes for a swim in her leather jacket and boots. She wears those in combination with a pair of jeans and a white turtleneck sweater.

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Jennies pink slime bath

Jenni is back for a joyful bath in a tub full of wonderful warm and slimy goo. She’s the kind of office lady that oftentimes makes your head turn around around to get a second look when you pass her on the street and then think to yourself … what if?! …

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Linda enters the pie business

Linda is back with a fantastic new set. This time the gorgeous brunette is getting messy in a perfect business attire. I guess many remember her Ally McBeal-like famous Slime bath from a while ago which till today is one of my all time bestsellers. Linda loves endulging in all kinds of goo, especially when she’s dressed up perfectly. This time was no different.

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Two girls and a tub of slime

Two girls join up for one of our probably best shootings so far – at least in our opinion 🙂 Karen appeared a few times before in wetlook and messy shootings. And she oftentimes joins up with her cute friends for those shoots. This time she introduced Nadine to acompany her for an epic slime shoot.

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DFT 2009 St. Wolfgang Jenni enters the pie business Linda is pied in Jeans and Leather Luna takes a dip in the pool Jennies pink slime bath Linda enters the pie business Two girls and a tub of slime

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