Manu and Brenda have some messy fun

Since their first appearances on WAM Photography got some great feedback and reviews Manu and Brenda return to dive in a bit deeper into the wet and messy universe. It’s the first time both of them got messy. You may allready know since the first video that the girls do the production themselves, so it’s also their premiere in actually putting together a set of messy supplies to cover each other in. And imho they did a great job. It may not be the A-grade silent movie pies, but it cannot get a lot sloppier

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Brendas wetlook debut

This is the next movie not shot by me but by our new partner Manu. This time she asked her gorgeous friend Brenda if she cared to enjoy a fully clothed bath in her pool. This time Manu handled the cam and did a wonderful job in directing Brenda during her wetlook debut shoot.

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Bea calls for a pie

Bea returns for another messy session. This time she calls a bakery to order a pie for desert. Delivery is almost instant, very creamy and tasty. Bea is messed up in an wool sweater and she’s relly covered this time. And I had the pleasure to really work the cream into her gorgeous hair!

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DFT Bundle 2006 – 2008

What started with a small event more than 6 years ago developed into a brand-event of an Austrian clothing company. Over the last few years I happened to attend a few of those events and to take some shots. To cover my time and travel costs I decided to share my photographic footage here for everyone who is interested in one of the younger middle-european traditions.

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Jenni enters the pie business

Stunning blonde beauty Jenni looses her pie virginity in this shoot. She did not exactly know what to expect from a shoot with WAM Photography, however she didn’t mind the possibility to get messy a bit, so she quickly agreed to join the fun.

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Dominikas bathtub shooting

Gorgeous czech model Dominika gets soaked in blue jeans and a turtleneck sweater during her first wetlook shooting for WAM Photography! She starts off by slowly soaks her blue jeans in the bathtub before getting a bucket of transparent slime slowly poured on her.

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Two girls and a tub of slime

Two girls join up for one of our probably best shootings so far – at least in our opinion 🙂 Karen appeared a few times before in wetlook and messy shootings. And she oftentimes joins up with her cute friends for those shoots. This time she introduced Nadine to acompany her for an epic slime shoot.

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Manu and Brenda have some messy fun Brendas wetlook debut Bea calls for a pie DFT Bundle 2006 – 2008 Jenni enters the pie business Dominikas bathtub shooting Two girls and a tub of slime

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