Streetparade 2006

Here’s another photoset from this wonderful event in Switzerland. What started like a small event in 1992 with roughly 1.000 participants developed into a incredibly huge event with up to one million participants on average. One of the standard features in the early years were cool-down areas called shower zones.

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Dani and Kassandra are picking cards

Our friend from South America, Dani has become a regular contributor to WAM photography. This time she is joined by her friend Kassandra for a game of picking cards. Whoever picks the higher card gets the pleasure of pouring a jug of coloured slime on the opponent. Chances are, both girls won’t get out of this clean!

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In her debut for WAM Photography Margot dives into the world of pies. She was not really aware of what she was getting into and thus her reactions are priceless. She wears a purple turtleneck with a dark blazer while being pelted with pies. But she’s a great sport and delivers a perfect self-pie-sandwich. Enjoy!

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Jenni takes a shower

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Jenni makes another appearance on WAM photography with this beautiful wetlook photoshooting. Her expressions are as always priceless, when she slowly soaks her outfit under the shower. No wonder she published a whole book about posing and facial expressions as a gudeline for models.

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Laras slime bath

Lara makes her debut in this gorgeous set. She is a breathtaking beauty to behold and shooting her in a wet and messy scene felt almost unreal. She enters the slimefilled bathtub in her business casual outfit. After getting thick slime dumped on her, Lara immerses herself totally into the pink goo and is absolutely loving it.

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Kiara wet in Denim

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Join Kiara in her first ever wetlook shoot. At least for me she wears the near perfect wetlook outfit. Enjoy every detail with this huge HQ-Photoset plus Video!

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Dani slimed now in 4K

Remastered in 4K!

I am happy to present you with a remastered version of Dani being slimed in 4K! You can enjoy every second of her getting slightly more covered minute by minute. She also gets a pie slowly pushed into her face when she’s already fully covered in slime. At the end she’s washed off with several buckets of water.

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Streetparade 2006 Dani and Kassandra are picking cards Jenni takes a shower Laras slime bath Kiara wet in Denim Dani slimed now in 4K

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