The Dinner

Dani and Kassandra, two long time best friends are having an elegant dinner after their summer holidays to exchange the latest gossip and news.

What was meant to be a joyful dinner exchange between two besties turns into a tit for tat using what’s available to them on their dinner table.

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The breakup

Ellis has a terrible day since she learned her friend cheated on her. She sits by the pool mourning when she calls her best friend to comfort her. Izabela drops by immediately to cheer Ellis up. The girls talk and have some drinks when finally Ellis decides to stop grieving and throws her engegment ring into the pool and decides to let Izabela have a dip too. No need to mention that both girls end up in the pool completely soaked!

The movie has been remastered in much better quality (exposure, color correction, detail level) in June 2022.

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Lara is pied and gunged

This is Laras second shoot for WAM Photography. This time the stunning long haired beauty gets pelted with pies and a mixture of vanilla pudding and cake batter. All of these were first time experiences for her, and you could feel her excitement and giddiness when we were preparing for the shoot. No need to say that she looked absolutely stunning in her jeans, turtleneck pullover and eather jacket and even more so when she was completely covered in goo.

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A messy letter to Dani

For more than two years I have been working together with Dani. She’s gorgeous and she is a pleasure to work. with Since I was very thankful for the great videos she produced so far for WAM Photography, I decided to send her a little interactive thank-you letter.

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The secretary and the pies (remastered mobile video)

I decided to remaster one of my alltime classic scenes. This was my first pie scene ever and Ines also had a blast doing it. Todays software and CPU power allows me to remaster and greatly enhance old recordings. So I gave it a try here. I took advantage of the fact that Ines was standing throughout the shoot and remastered the video in portrait mode so it’s optimized for viewing on mobile phones.

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Manus Prom Dress

Another shoot with the gorgeous redhead Manu. This time we had the pleasure to mess her up completely in her prom dress. She gets pied and doused with goo initially then she gets washed off for the first time, only to be covered in shaving cream again. The main movie is shot on my new camera in 4K, so expect video quality to be extra crisp!

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Janet and Bia get messy

The two besties were on a road trip and when they headed for my hometown they contacted me if I was interested on a shooting. When I told them what kind of shooting I usually do they were in on it immediately. And they were totally excited to mess each other up once they arrived at my place. Needless to say that both of them were pie-virgins.

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The Dinner The breakup Lara is pied and gunged A messy letter to Dani The secretary and the pies (remastered mobile video) Manus Prom Dress Janet and Bia get messy

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