Photoset & Movie #87

Ines is dressed for some pie

Ines came back for another messy pie session. You may well remember her first one, which is still my all-time bestseller. This time we chose an elegant dress to be the perfect outfit to get her messy in. There’s one little drawback. I was using a brand-new go-pro action cam to shoot the portrait video. When downloading the video from the cam after the shoot I was shocked to discover that the go-pro obviously had a software-error and all the footage was basically useless. Luckily I had a little point-and-shoot camera mounted on one side of the set, originally to have footage from a slightly different angle and it turned out to be my life-saver that day. So I can still provide full video coverage of that wonderful messy session with Ines. Photos luckily were totayll unharmed by any errors and turned out great.

Apart from that the video was a lot of fun to edit, because Ines’ reactions are priceless. While she is a total trooper when it comes to master the art of getting messy, she’s still incredibly excited before the first pie ends up in her face, you’ll love it. Since I shared the excitement because I was about to pie that beautiful woman in front of me, we managed to miss the first pie totally as a result of my poor aim and her ducking away a little bit. So the pie left her in fact stainless and still perfectly ready for the second pie, that happened to be then right on target. One hilarious detail I only discovered when I was editing the video was Ines picking out the berries that were meant for decoration out of the goo. She really enjoyed tasting all the good stuff that was flying at her.

Files included:
228 HQ Photos HD-Movie
Movie – (13:24 minutes, 1280 x 720 px)
HQ Photoset (232 photos, each 2400 x 1600 px)


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