Photoset & Movie #51

Linda – Pies & wash-off

Linda makes her messy debut in her third shoot for WAM photography. Dressed in a casual denim outfit with boots she enters the ring to receive a barrage of cream pies. She applies the first pie herself and gets nailed with some more after this. It would not be a WAM phtotography shoot if you would not also see her completely soaked. There’s lengthy coverage of the wash-off as well, so also wetlook fans will be happy with this set!!


Files included:
HQ Photoset Making-Of Movie
Movie (08:36 minutes, 1280 x 720 px)
HQ Photoset (224 photos, each 2400 x 1600 px)


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12 Comments on "Photoset & Movie #51"

  • Custrd84

    This set belongs to the absolute best I’ve seen in the last 10 years.

  • Frihap

    Are the boots getting filled with some cream?

    • chrisb


      no she doesn’t fill the boots with cream, allthough some of it might have ended up there. But I’ll keep the idea in mind next time!


  • Ron

    I understand this is special as she is really _fully_ clothed with full body shots and the photography is superb. And you do not cheat like most producers sadly do (barefeet, clumsy shirts or jogging pants, low resolution files…), but pleeeease stay below $10 next time.
    The video file is a very good addition to your sets, but quality wise it’s not nearly as good as your photography. It has no real HD (cell phone?), no close ups, no color correction. That’s what would have justified a price above $5 or even better: a seperate download for the video file.

    But hey…. what do I tell you…. I paid for it anyway. 😀

    Best wishes!
    You just became my favorite producer.

    • chrisb

      Hi Ron,

      first of all, thanks for your feedback and for purchasing the set! You – like all my customers – help me to keep on producing.
      I know the video file is not a Full-HD glamour production – btw. it’s not a cellphone video, though I can imagine they can already produce better videos then the Samsung-WB 2000 that I used, but they just won’t stay on a tripod ;-). But as I often state and you can tell by the title of my page, video is not my focus. My focus is and will remain photography. The higher price is just due to the fact that I have more work that goes into post-production when I do video to. A price is allways arguable and one will pay it, one won’t. But let me say this. I pay my bills in Euros so keeping my prices in US $ is a benefit give my International customer base.

      But finally, I am more than happy to be your favorite producer. Hope you find some more in my archive you may like 🙂
      best regards

  • Ruud

    Looks like the same outfit as in Photoset #46…. which is great. Does the jacket come off as well?

    • WAM Photography

      Nicely spotted 🙂 It’s indeed the same outfit. This was shot a week before Photoset #46. I just thought the outfit would look great as well in a wetlook/slime shoot 🙂 And yes, the jacket comes off as well!