Photoset #109

Kerstins sensual hairwash

I am so happy and proud to introduce this new photoset to you. On first glance it might look like one of mine, but this one has been produced by one of my photographic paragons from my early days. Jonathan is a photographer with a genuine focus on beautiful long hair. No wonder I admired his work early on. He also happened to share my special taste in seeing that beautiful hair getting soaked or messed up. He sold some of his work in the past, so also some members of the WAM community may remember his earlier work. However, since he continues to follow his desire for high quality photography and that still happens to be the main focus of my site, I asked him if he was interested in sharing some of his work via my website. Et voila, here we are.

Kerstin wears blue jeans and a top. She soaks her beautiful long hair first with a water jug. She then pours a gallon over her head several times and completely soaks herself with a garden hose. She washes and rinses her hair several times!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful set and if we get good feedback, there’ll be likely more to come!

Files included:
wetlook wet jeans shower
Super-HQ Photoset (247 photos, each 2160 x 1440 px)


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